Yoga and Pilates


Whether you strive for toning, proper alignment, weight loss, flexibility or peace of mind, Pilates training will enable you to achieve the total fitness results you are looking for. This unique method encourages coordination of breath with core, creating an effective total - body workout that firms and lifts your seat, strengthens and lengthens muscles, helps give you a sleek, toned body without excessive bulk. Through proper engagement of the core, Pilates technique supports the health of the spine and mind.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a private pilates session. Also available are private liquid yoga (yoga on the stand-up paddleboard/SUP Yoga) and yoga sessions.

"As someone that was completely new to yoga Claudia was incredibly kind &
patient with me. Her warmth and encouragement was incredibly helpful to a guy that was feeling a bit self conscious already... I couldn’t recommend or think of a better teacher for someone coming to Yoga for the first time... Claudia’s energy and passion for Yoga and her lifestyle is completely contagious & can’t help but affect you in the most positive way. I couldn’t think of learning from anyone other than her."
Chris Delgatto, Owner & Founder of Circa Jewelry, Int'l Polo Player

"A yoga session with Claudia is a beautiful journey. The session builds upon itself like a well written novel or screenplay... Movements aren't wasted, everything has a purpose, and the approach is pure made to measure. Claudia's sessions transport one from their everyday reality with a set of movements custom tailored for each particular student in a manner where all questions about the session are answered as the session progresses... One need only go with  and trust the flow. Claudia is an expert at what she does and working with her is a journey worth taking."
George Votis, Chairman & CEO, Galt Industries, Inc.

"What I love most about Claudia is not just her incredible versatility - whether it's yoga with my kids and husband  or pliates for just me - but her authenticity. With all the fitness fads it is just wonderful to be with someone real. The results are pure and lasting... She has re-shaped me inside and out."
Carolyn Risoli, President, Marc by Marc Jacobs

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